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The iRobot Roomba 614 Review

The Roomba 960 is additionally one of the more grounded cleaners we've utilized, getting more flotsam and jetsam than other mapping bots in our piece test and pretty much as much as the best knock and-run robots (the key distinction is that the 960 did it in a solitary pass, while the irregular robots required at least three passes). It did very well in our residue pickup test as well, deserting a meager, scarcely unmistakable layer of flour. We likewise saw it as astounding at gathering pet hair in our around-the-house testing. On a couple of events, we ran the Roomba 960 following the Roomba 690 finished a session, and the 960 would in any case return completely loaded down with pet hair. It was that vastly improved at uncovering the hair from the floor covering strands, because of its more grounded suction and counter-pivoting, elastic nubbed "extractor" moves (which don't get tangled as effectively as other bots' rollers, either). Like other Roomba models,