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Review: Thule Force XL 2019 Review

Coming in third place in our audit, the Thule Force is a strong, better than expected housetop freight box. We like its smooth, unassuming look, tough top, and phenomenal mounting framework however docked it focuses for its abnormal bolt and absence of handle. At $590, this present box's nearest rival was the Yakima SkyBox Carbonite, which we granted our Best Buy Award. While we think the SkyBox is a somewhat better an incentive as far as day by day usability, you might need to consider the Force if day by day utilize is to a lesser degree a factor for you than simple establishment. This crate was scarcely pushed out for that grant, and we do think it is an extraordinary esteem that will probably address most if not the entirety of your issues.
While a little annoying to open and close  the Force's beefy lock keeps our belongings safe.

Item Updated

Thule has discharged another variant of this case with a few updates. Find out about the progressions underneath!

Contrast with Similar Products

Our Analysis and Test Results

The New Thule Force XT

The Force has been refreshed to the Force XT. Notwithstanding stylish changes, the connection has been updated and the heap limit expanded. See the new Force XT in the principal photograph, trailed by the model that we at first tried.

Thule Force XL

Configuration Changes — The new Force XT gets stylishly from our Editors' Choice victor, the Thule Motion XT.

PowerClick Attachment — Thule has included the PowerClick connection paws, which highlight torque limiter that clicks when the crate is completely fixed and secure.

Expanded Load Capacity — The case has been intended to help a heavier load limit — from 110 lbs on the old box to 165 lbs.

Cost Increase — The cost has expanded $10 this year with these updates.

We connect to the new box for buy above, yet as we have not tried that form, the accompanying survey relates to our involvement with the past model.

Hands-On Review of the Force XL

In the event that you asked us regardless of whether you should purchase the Force (which you are, basically, by perusing this), we'd get some information about needs, fundamentally how regularly and in what form you plan on utilizing your rooftop box. We don't hate the Force and think it has numerous incredible characteristics, including a smooth plan and a solid enough cover to use with one hand. It has a vastly improved mounting framework than the SkyBox, however we thought its key lock was somewhat hard to pop open and its absence of handle made shutting the container baffling. This contender might be the best box for you in case you're constrained to a mid-extend freight box (if not, see our Editors' Choice Award Winner, the Thule Motion XT) and out of the blue wind up mounting and unmounting your case much of the time. Regardless of not being our first or second pick, we question you'll be frustrated with this container and figure it might, truth be told, be a magnificent decision in the event that you organize simplicity of mounting over simplicity of opening and shutting.

The Force confronts the components amid a spring snow storm in Lake Tahoe.

The Force confronts the components amid a spring snow storm in Lake Tahoe.


For this measurement, we took a gander at all the components that add to the item's ease of use. We opened and shut them more than once, took them on and off our autos over and over, and thought about any get together challenges or exceptional highlights. Since we evaluated that most clients open and close the container more much of the time than they take it on and off their rooftop, we gave that a higher need in scoring, which is the reason the SkyBox Carbonite won the Best Buy grant over the Force. In the event that this isn't valid for you, the unfathomable mounting simplicity of the Force may bump it out as the better choice.

This case required positively no get together. We don't know why the Motion XT touched base without the cinches previously introduced in spite of having almost indistinguishable mounting frameworks, however the Force was totally prepared to mount out of the container. It took us under five minutes to introduce the container and had us merrily pondering how to manage whatever remains of our day since we had so much unexpected time left. The main thing that sets the QuickGrip arrangement of the Force separated from the PowerClick mounting arrangement of the Motion XT is the absence of "click" to tell you you've fixed the container enough. We valued that include on the Motion XT, however we didn't dock any focuses for the absence of "click" on the Force due to the fact that it was so natural to hand-fix and go. Since load boxes weren't intended to be driven vacant, this case might be a great decision for the individuals who aren't searching for long haul stockpiling or the individuals who park in a carport that can't suit a rooftop box. Its mounting framework is without torment and our most loved thing about the Force.

The clips of the Force's establishment framework were the least demanding to utilization of any in our audit.

The braces of the Force's establishment framework were the most effortless to utilization of any in our survey.

On the opposite side of the ease of use scale is the simplicity of opening and shutting. We weren't huge devotees of the Force's hooking framework. With no handle and simply the way to turn, we discovered it somewhat harder to use than that of the SkyBox or Motion XT, however it was as yet better than the Yakima ShowCase. Remaining solitary, we don't believe that the Force's locking framework is excessively baffling. Contrasted next to each other with five different models, in any case, let us assess the little subtleties of each container and arrive at the resolution that this one is slightly more irritating than its rivals. It might appear as though we're nit-picking, yet that is actually what we endeavor to do. Will you be in anguish utilizing the Force each day? No. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have the decision, we would suggest a more easy to use item.

One thing that the Force has that the SkyBox doesn't is a convenient draw line. While we didn't make broad utilization of this element since we needed to remain in favor of our autos to close this crate at any rate, we figure this would be an extraordinary reward highlight for clients with moderate sized vehicles for whom the opened top is scarcely distant.


How beefy is this load box? Would it be able to withstand all that your movements may toss at it? We found no motivation to accept generally and concurred that the little openings in the base of the case where the mounts append are unimportant. We made through all the insane climate of Spring in the Sierra and would feel great contributing this crate and realizing that it would keep our things sheltered and dry for a considerable length of time to come. Notwithstanding, do take note of that since Thule won't guarantee full waterproofness, neither one of the will; it is shrewd to put your gadgets in drybags before believing them to your rooftop box. Like each other model in our survey, we were satisfied to find that our gas mileage was unaffected. Through rain, wind, and snow, we were never worried about regardless of whether our things would be sheltered inside the Force. We found no indications of spillage, and even breezy breezes close Lake Tahoe couldn't upset this case.

Rain is no counterpart for the Force!

Rain is no counterpart for the Force!

The case is made out of a similar abnormal state development materials as its rivals, which persuaded in its life span. We drove the Force for a couple of hundred miles with no indications of mileage, yet we like that the matte dark could conceal any scratches or imprints superior to the polished Motion XT or ShowCase, however we don't accept you'd experience any of these with such a well-made box. The two pivots and cover are solid, tough, and strong. Like all Thule boxes, in the event that you don't trust us, you can rest guaranteed in your buy under a lifetime guarantee.


The security class of our testing took a gander at the master plan and the little subtleties of the entire security framework. From its locking instrument to its top, there are a couple of key elements to take a gander at on the off chance that you get yourself anxious to leave your darling freight inside the crate for an all-encompassing timeframe. Nothing we found in our testing left us worried about the Force's security.

Like all the crates in this survey aside from the Thule SideKick, the keys can't be expelled except if the container is bolted, so you never need to stress over securing your keys in the case. This additionally makes it progressively hard to unintentionally leave the case opened.

While a touch of irritating to open and close the Force's husky bolt protects our possessions.

While a touch of irritating to open and close, the Force's husky bolt protects our possessions.
The primary reason the Force got a 6/10 for security instead of the 7/10 of our first-and second-put scorers were because of the key bolt framework. Thule names this the SecureLock, and its little size makes it progressively hard to tell initially if the crate is hooked or not. We're blameworthy of endeavoring to push however much in the cases we tried as could reasonably be expected, some of the time inadvertently discouraging the locks, and the Motion XT and the SkyBox make it simple to realize that the case isn't hooking accurately due to their husky handles. While we don't think you'd be routinely worried about the security arrangement of the Force, the unseen details are the main problem in this audit, and this was one territory where the honor champs could sparkle.


You wouldn't generally pick your freight box dependent on what it looks like would you? We don't point the finger at you. Our analyzers perceive the significance of good frill, so we really wanted to give appearance no less than a little piece of the absolute score.

Like our Best Buy Award-winning SkyBox, we cherish the matte dark completion of the Force. We believe that dark is the best shading and that the matte completion finds the ideal harmony among downplayed and ageless. The gleaming completions of the Motion XT and ShowCase rushed to look filthy, however the matte covering of the Force and SkyBox shrouded the inescapable dust and dead bug develop all the more effectively.

The Force flaunting its matte dark completion.

The Force flaunting its matte dark completion.

Best Applications

Coming in directly behind the SkyBox, we had a hard choice to make while doling out honors. While the Force has a superior mounting framework than the SkyBox, the last exceeded expectations in opening and shutting. We found that we opened and shut the container substantially more much of the time than we mounted and unmounted it, which let the SkyBox slip ahead and bring home the Best Buy prize. We imagine that the vast majority will locate this consistent with their use as well, be that as it may, on the off chance that you do wind up in a circumstance where you should normally take the case off your vehicle, we prescribe the Force over the SkyBox. While the ease of use of the SkyBox was truly refreshing once we mounted the case and proceeded onward, we were happy that we didn't need to do it time after time. In whole: going to mount the container once and forget about it? Go SkyBox. Wanting to mount and unmount the case every now and again? Go Force.


With a retail cost of $600, this crate is in a similar value domain as the SkyBox, and, as with that display, we think you essentially get what you pay for, despite the fact that the SkyBox is around $50 less and a seemingly better arrangement. The Editors' Choice Award-winning Motion XT is better in a bunch of ways, however in the event that you truly can't stand to swing the additional $150 for our most loved box, you'll get an incredible freight box with not too bad ease of use, cool style, and dependable security with the Force.


While the Force didn't return home with the Best Buy Award, it nearly did, and it could without much of a stretch be the correct decision for you in case you're more worried about simplicity of mounting than simplicity of opening. The matte dark completion was our most loved look, and the durable top was key in our day by day satisfaction in this case. The Force wasn't our most loved load confine this survey, yet we feel that under the correct conditions, it could be a magnificent buy.


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