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2018 Mountain Bike Pedal Review

In the progressing look for a definitive trail blazing bicycle pedal, we look for the most recent items, patterns, and innovation. At the point when a convincing item develops, we grab it up and send to our Sierra Nevada gauntlet where it invests months experiencing thorough testing. To reveal the majority of the execution contrasts, we ride the pedals many trail miles utilizing a flock of shoes and bicycles. We center around measurements identified with ride quality — does the pedal make you feel quicker, more certain, or more agreeable? We have suggestions for each financial plan and riding style from XC to Enduro. In the event that you're not dedicated to clipless, we additionally incorporate a portion of our most loved pads from our point by point level pedal survey.

We spent pre-fall testing four more trail blazing bicycle pedals for our Clipless Pedal Review, including two level/clipless half and halves. The Crankbrothers Double Shot 2 and the HT Components D1. The HT beats the competition. The Shimano Saint SPD M820 shakes up our evaluations a bit. It's madly overwhelming however offers unparalleled execution, making it our Top Pick for Enduro and Downhill riders. Continue perusing for all the soiled, trail tried subtle elements.

Best Overall

Shimano XTR M9020 Trail

Shimano XTR M9020 Trail Editors' Choice Award


(17% off)

at Amazon

See It

See all costs (2 found)

Weight 372 grams | Profile Height 18mm

Wonderful simplicity of passage

Sheds mud well

Pleasantly machined and wrapped up

High cost

The Shimano XTR M9020 doesn't instantly appear to be everything that not quite the same as its chunkier and more affordable cousins, the XT M8020 and M530. After just a couple of miles however, we knew we'd discovered an impressive test to business as usual. The high cleaned Chromoly steel pivot, machined body, and covered commitment component are something beyond ideas, they convey perceptible enhancements in execution. The buoy is plush, and we discovered them uncommonly simple to cut into and exit. The trimmed down body takes into account better mud shedding and furthermore a lower profile stature. These pedals offer the extra strength and simplicity of passage that we've come to connect with scaled down stages in an exceedingly cleaned and well thoroughly considered bundle.

While they'll cost you some additional, we think the expansion in execution was justified regardless of the expense. We discover them perfect for trail riders needing more surface territory and a pedal sufficiently generous for all mountain and enduro riders. Observing customers won't be disillusioned.

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Best Overall Flat Pedal

Divinity Bladerunner

Divinity Bladerunner Editors' Choice Award


at Competitive Cyclist

See It

Weight 380 grams | Profile Height 14mm

Thin and light

Tough hub

Many grub screws


Fat waist

These simply edged in front of the Race Face Atlas as our most loved level pedal. The Raceface is somewhat lighter and grippier, however the Bladerunner has a superior stage and versatility. While we didn't rate these on looks, the Deity would have driven that metric too. It was the most straightforward to reposition our foot into the correct spot. While we utilized for the most part for trail riding, they would exceed expectations in the recreation center too.

The Bladerunners can be elusive, they're not sold in numerous retailers and are once in a while at a bargain. While the expansive bar in the center made it simple to reposition our feet, it likewise implies it's not exactly as grippy as others. It's more flexible, however not best for downhill particular utilize. It's an intense call among this and the Atlas. However, you'll likely be excited by either decision.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Shimano M530 SPD

Best Buy Award


(56% off)

at Competitive Cyclist

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See all costs (3 found)

Weight 453 grams | Profile Height 22mm


Exceptionally sturdy

To a great degree customizable


Painted stage

The M530 swooped up our Editors' Choice honor in our past clipless trail blazing bicycle pedal test. It includes indistinguishable fundamental outline from the Shimano XTR M9020 at about 33% of the cost. The standard projection, customizable pressure, and stable stage make an important bundle that merits our Best Bang for the Buck grant. They're perfect for a wide assortment of bicycles, hardtail to all-mountain, and an awesome decision for your first match of clipless pedals.

You lose a portion of the extravagant highlights of the XTR while getting an extra 81 grams. On the off chance that the weight doesn't terrify you and you don't visit sloppy trails, the Shimano M530 is an incredible decision. The main model we tried that is more affordable is the Shimano M520. The M520 won Best Buy a couple of years prior and is lighter and more affordable than the M530. Be that as it may, it has such a little stage, and we think most riders, particularly learners and intermediates, will favor the M530.

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Best Value in a Flat Pedal

VP Components VP-Vice

VP Components VP-Vice Best Buy Award


(63% off)

at Amazon

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See all costs (2 found)

Weight 415 grams | Profile Height 14mm

Strong scores over all measurements

Incredible look

Husky pins

Simple to alter and introduce

Littler stage

Fair hold score

There are a great deal of shabby pads out there, and they regularly offer low sturdiness and poor footing. The VP-Vice resists this pattern with strong scores no matter how you look at it. While they're not as shoddy as a $40 combine of pedals, they come in at significantly less costly than any model that scored higher. Those $40 choices as a rule have awful sturdiness and poor stage plan. The VP-Vice the two holds up to a beating and performs well. Adding to their esteem is exactly how adaptable they are. These are similarly at home on soil hops as downhill transport laps.

While they don't have the best hold and have a littler stage than a considerable lot of our top picks they offer a strong esteem.

Read survey: VP Components VP-Vice

Top Pick for Enduro and Downhill Riding

Shimano Saint SPD M820

Top Pick Award


(22% off)

at Competitive Cyclist

See It

See all costs (3 found)

Weight 550 grams | Profile Height 19mm

Steady, low stage

Brilliant power exchange


Somewhat overwhelming

Accessible in dark or dim

Taking the gravity-centered Top Pick Award from the Xpedo GFX, we found the Shimano Saint M820 considerably more steady and certainty rousing on the trail. On the off chance that you care more about your trail bicycle's execution and security than the amount it gauges, you should need to look at the Shimano Saint M820. The Saint is a wide-bodied, settled instrument, clipless stage pedal with four footing pins on each side. The produced body pedal is proper for the rigors of enduro and downhill hustling. The stage is considerable, helping you connect rapidly and giving you secure balance. We lean toward the Shimano Saint M820 to its nearest rivals in this test, the DMR V-Twin since they're somewhat littler, lighter, and have a lower profile tallness.

The Saint pedals are porky however. While the DMR's have a comparable weight before you introduce the Saint's pins and shims, doing as such adds 60 grams to the M820s. The two pedals offered incredible footing, yet the Shimano pedals managed the mud better and cost somewhat less. Not the most alluring looking pedal of the cluster, it will discover its group of onlookers a long ways past enduro bicycles. Thus, we granted them the Top Pick for Enduro and Downhill Riding.

Read survey: Shimano Saint M820

Top Pick for Weight Savings

Wrench Brothers Egg Beater 3

crankbrothers Egg Beater 3 Top Pick Award


(33% off)

at Amazon

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See all costs (4 found)

Weight 280 grams | Profile Height 21mm


Sheds mud well

Basic plan

Little stage

Hard to lock in

Crosscountry riders or those needing the lightest weight rigging will value the Crank Brothers Eggbeater 3. At just 280 grams, it's the lightest weight trail blazing bicycle pedal in our audit. Scoring most noteworthy in our mud shedding test, its open outline opposes obstructing and permits section on the majority of its four sides.

The littlest of the considerable number of pedals tried, we don't prescribe the Eggbeater to novices. They're not hard to connect with, but rather the little confine takes some aptitude and tolerance. Best delighted in with firm soled shoes, these pedals appropriate to crosscountry and rock riders.
Examination and Test Results

There are couple of things as energizing as purchasing a fresh out of the box new bicycle. In any case, regardless of whether you purchase an entire bicycle from the floor of your neighborhood bicycle shop, it normally comes without pedals. Despite the fact that an apparently minor piece of the bicycle, you won't ride without them. In case you're searching for new pedals to run with your new bicycle, we suggest thinking ahead and getting them ahead of time. At that point you can become accustomed to them and get any warm-up accidents off the beaten path on the old bicycle.


The outline underneath plots the scores at each model against their cost. Drift over each dab to see which pedal it speaks to. The M530 and M520 are obviously the best qualities. They're a third the cost of the pedals that score higher. The 520 is more affordable than the 530, yet it has a little stage and isn't as simple to lock in. The 530 is a superior all-around choice. The best part is that both of these pedals are so broadly sold that you can regularly discover at a 20 to 40% markdown. Another incredible esteem is the Deore XT M8020. It scores simply behind the Editor's Choice M9020 yet retails for $70 less.

Kinds of Pedals

There is no lack of interesting points when purchasing a couple of trail blazing bicycle pedals. There are a wide range of kinds of pedals for various styles of bicycles. You'll need to choose in the event that you need to cut into clipless pedals or ride on pads. This survey is included generally of clipless off-road bicycle pedals. In case you don't know that is what you're searching for, read more about pedal kinds in our Buying Advice article.

An analyzer unclipping to drop a foot and rally through the lofty left-hand corner coming up.

An analyzer unclipping to drop a foot and rally through the precarious departed hand corner coming up.

Simplicity of Exit

Simplicity of leave directs that you are so prone to fall over. In case you can't unclip when you need to, it makes a risky circumstance that can without much of a stretch reason freeze. In that capacity, we weight this metric somewhat heavier than others and measure it by how rapidly and effortlessly a rider can unclip from the pedals. Unclipping isn't something you do just toward the finish of the ride, specialized areas and free corners regularly require a snappy foot spot to look after equalization.

As a rule, the most effortless pedals to exit are those with minimal measure of buoy, as moving your foot sole area a short method to separate is quicker than moving further. Additionally, the pedals without footing pins are less demanding to separate in light of the fact that there's nothing for your shoe to hang up on while unclipping.

The most troublesome models to exit are those with the most development. On the off chance that an excess of foot sole area development is required to separate, the toe of the shoe can connect with the wrench arm before the projection discharges. The Shimano XTR and DMR V-Twin pedals are the most effortless to exit. The Shimano pedals have four degrees of buoy and no footing pins. The DMR's have pins, however they aren't sufficiently forceful to get. The Time ATAC XC 8 is the most troublesome pedal to withdraw as it has 13 or 17 degree discharge points. In spite of the fact that the Crank Brother has 15 or 20 degree discharges, it is as yet less demanding.

The Time and HT D1 pedals are the main ones in the test to utilize horizontal buoy, enabling your foot to move side to side. While regularly touted as gainful for those with existing knee issues, we didn't feel the consistency of discharge was justified regardless of the potential upside. It wasn't only the full scope of movement that made them troublesome — it was the absence of consistency.

The Time pedals include a front curve that is in charge of discharge strain. In case you're accelerating or remaining on the pedals with toes pointed descending, you're applying weight on the discharge spring. This can make a conflicting discharge which makes them difficult to trust. The HT pedals have spring strain on the two sides of the commitment system, or, in other words yet at the same time not as reliable as we'd like our pedal to feel.

The substantial stage on the Xpedo GFX didn't require exact point.

The expansive stage on the Xpedo GFX didn't require exact point.

Simplicity of Entry

This metric evaluates how rapidly and effortlessly a rider can cut into a couple of pedals. It's critical in light of the fact that it decides how quick you can begin accelerating your bicycle. You need cutting in to be a straightforward procedure that doesn't require excessively considering or exertion so you can center around the trail and on not falling over.

Connecting with the Shimano SPD or Xpedo models requires little exertion and produces a capable of being heard snap. This encourages you realize that you're locked in and good to go. Cutting into the Crank Brothers or Time pedals doesn't dependably create a similar capable of being heard affirmation. There is a dull, to some degree ambiguous sound that regularly goes with the commitment — yet not generally. By and large, these pedals are generally simple to draw in, however realizing that you're safely cut in helps certainty.

The little stage pedals are the least demanding to lock in. The additional piece of material helps manage your feet and kicking the confine levels them out underneath, placing them in the prime spot for commitment. We appraised the DMR V-Twin and Shimano XTR M9020. The Shimano XTR M9020, with its dangerous covering and scaled down stage, felt relatively attractive with the fitting. By difference, the little Time ATAC contender was a hard focus to hit, and when you did, the pedal wasn't constantly arranged toward commitment.

On the opposite end of the range, the Crank Brothers Mallet E and HT D1 were anything but difficult to discover and arrange, however their sticky footing pins could convolute commitment.

Looking at the internals. Here is the in part dismantled Mallet E.

Looking at the internals. Here is the in part dismantled Mallet E.


We assessed each pedal's flexibility, breaking down the fact that it is so conceivable to enlarge every pedal's highlights and feel. The real sorts of pedal modification are discharge pressure and how much your foot is permitted to move around, or skim, before the projection discharges. A few pedals likewise include movable footing pins and cushions. Generally speaking the DMR V-Twin, HT Components D1, and XPedo GFX offer the most movability.

Discharge Tension

The Shimano, Time, DMR, HT, and Xpedo pedals all enable the rider to increment or abatement the exertion required to discharge by altering the measure of spring strain holding the projection. Wrench Brothers pedals have somewhat of an inconvenience in this classification as they don't highlight customizable discharge pressure.

These are the metal spikes that accompany Crankbrothers pedals. Note that the tips are lopsided and just a single projection has an indented speck on it. You can pick your discharge edge by how you introduce the spikes on your shoes.

These are the metal spikes that accompany Crankbrothers pedals. Note that the tips are awry and just a single projection has an indented dab on it. You can pick your discharge point by how you introduce the spikes on your shoes.


The Time ATAC spikes can be mounted to give 13 or 17 degrees of buoy contingent upon the introduction that they're mounted. Time likewise offers a simple projection that takes into account 10 degrees of buoy. (In our brains, that is not extremely fledgling well disposed.) The Crank Brothers standard spikes give 6 degrees of free buoy and a 15 or 20-degree discharge point dependent on how they're mounted, more on that underneath.

Wrench Brothers likewise offers a zero degree or no-skim fitting that improves pedal productivity. The Xpedo fitting considers six degrees of buoy, and the Shimano spikes give four degrees. Xpedo does not have an extra fitting alternative for the GFX, however Shimano offers a multi-discharge projection that considers discharge toward any path without changing the buoy, an incredible choice for apprentices.

The Crank Brothers pedals all utilize a similar commitment component new during the current year are the footing cushions seen here on the Candy 7 (focus) and Mallet E (right).

The Crank Brothers pedals all utilize a similar commitment component, new during the current year are the footing cushions seen here on the Candy 7 (focus) and Mallet E (right).

Footing Pins and Pads

Footing pins on the Xpedo GFX and Crank Brothers Mallet E are customizable. The pins give footing while unclipped and can be raised or brought down by threading them up or down. Bringing down the pins makes the pedal feel less forceful, with less chomp into the sole of the shoe. Raised pins connect with the soles more, especially on delicate elastic shoes, however can entangle section and exit to the commitment component.

Wrench Brothers Candy 7 and Mallet E pedals highlight texturized footing cushions. These are polyurethane guards that sit nearby the fitting interface on the pedal. The pedals incorporate 1mm and 2mm thick cushions and swapping them out will make pretty much interface between the shoe and pedal stage. The thicker cushions offer more protection from buoy, and having compatible cushions enables you to alter the pedal to the kind of shoe you utilize. The DMR V-Twin uses nylon guards that sit fore and rearward of the fitting instrument, under the footing pins. Spacers underneath the guards will raise the cushions and sticks toward your shoe.

You can change the sentiment of the Crank Brothers by swapping the introduction of the spikes on your shoes. There is a little space on only one projection. On the off chance that you put the one with this indent on your correct shoe, you will have a 15-degree discharge point. In the event that the fitting (with the indent) goes to your left side shoe, you will get a 20-degree discharge point.

The Shimano Mini-stage lline-up in dropping weight arrange M530 at 453 grams M8020 at 404 grams and the M9020 at 372 grams.

The Shimano Mini-stage lline-up in plunging weight arrange, M530 at 453 grams, M8020 at 404 grams and the M9020 at 372 grams.


Weight is an imperative metric for specific riders and riding styles. The individuals who lean toward pointing their bicycles downhill most likely wouldn't fret including a few ounces all over, especially when there is an execution advantage. Crosscountry riders and racers, then again, have a tendency to be less enthused about getting any superfluous grams. The less weight you're pushing, the less calories you use. For some riders, however, there are criteria more vital than weight — execution and esteem ring a bell.

The heaviest pedals in this test are the DMR V-Twin, at 610 grams. The lightest are the Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3, at 280 grams. When you factor in the extra weight of their spikes, it's a 351-gram distinction between the two. That is a major hole between two sections that have a similar capacity. When all is said in done, the producers expressed weights compared nearly to the weights we saw on our scales.

conveying the test to the mud

conveying the test to the mud

Mud Shedding Ability

This metric assesses how well the pedal sheds mud and opposes sticking in sloppy conditions. The muddier the trail, the more probable you are to put a foot down. At the point when this occurs, you'll begin exchanging mud to the pedal and stopping up the instrument. The best mud shedding pedals have some method for clearing mud to permit commitment. Basic outlines are frequently compensated here.

The Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3, with its extensive spring and completely open plan, is well worked for the difficulties of mud. The Shimano XTR M9000, with its tricky covering and ovalized body, additionally did amazingly well when our soles got sloppy. Shockingly, the Time ATAC XC 8, with its strong body configuration, does unfathomably well and is eminence for its capacity to prop riders up through the mud. The extraordinary plan of the Time takes into account mud to leave the front.

Pedals like the Xpedo GFX and the DMR V-Twin, with heaps of surface region, are quite more terrible on wet trails. Both amassed mud as we rode.

Estimating the stage length on the Candy 7.

Estimating the stage length on the Candy 7.


This metric rates how viably the nearness or nonappearance of a stage encompassing the clipless component bolsters execution. The pedals in this test shift broadly in the measure of stage gave, and there are focal points and drawbacks to more surface territory. In case you're investing your energy in the seat pounding without end at the pedals with hardened shoes and not riding much specialized territory, a stage may be of little advantage. In case you're riding all the more requesting landscape that requires more body development and continuous unclipping, a stage turns out to be progressively vital. Pedals like the Eggbeater 3, with little stages, are light and oppose mud well, however don't give you much balance.

A bigger stage builds your sentiment of soundness and gives your feet more control. A bigger stage is likewise less demanding to discover with your foot and declines the odds of the pedal moving underneath your shoe. The drawbacks of the bigger stage incorporate included weight, expanded frequency of pedal strikes, and more surface region for mud to gather.

An analyzer stepping on the Shimano M530's.

An analyzer stepping on the Shimano M530's.


We rode these pedals hard, bashing rocks and stumps. We rode them in snow and rain, mud and sand, and swapped them between numerous bicycles and riders. In the three months we mishandled these things, we didn't experience any toughness issues. The triple bearing on the Xpedo GFX appears to be incredibly strong. We've been on the pedals for a year without building up any play in the pivot. Shimano pedals are likewise eminent for their strength. We have some that have been in administration for 10 years.

Through the span of their riding professions, our analyzers have seen that Crank Brothers pedals regularly require bearing substitutions consistently or two. (Luckily, they offer a unit for this.) Newer Crank Brothers pedals are worked with an Enduro fixed bearing and an Igus float bearing (plastic bushing). That may build their toughness, however we'll need to sit back and watch. The Time ATAC XC 8 pedals have a comparative administration course of events, and they likewise offer a remake unit. Since we didn't encounter any disappointments or issues with strength in this test, utilizing sturdiness as a metric is outlandish.


Following quite a while of riding around conjuring modifiers with our feet, talking with one another, and arranging data, we've shaped our feelings and granted our champs. Ideally, our diligent work and accelerating make it simpler for you to settle on an educated choice about the pedals that you'd jump at the chance to hold tight your whip. Utilizing the aftereffects of our extensive assessment and evaluations, we trust this audit will enable you to locate your pedal easily.


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