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The PS3 Headsets

Turtle Beach – Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset – PS3

The Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 PS3 headset is a standout amongst the most famous headsets for this stage. It is very moderate but then it packs every single important element. It gives additional solace through overlarge earcups. The sound is clear and energizing for diversions. Every one of the wires required to set it up for PS3 are given. Strength could be better however it's alright at the cost. What more would you be able to request from extraordinary compared to other gaming headsets for PS3? You may likewise check the best gaming headset under $100.
Best PS3 Headsets

Outline and Features

The Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 headset is a marvel in its white symbol with blue features. The earcups are oval and extensive. They will rest around typical and modestly substantial ears. The headband is all plastic with cushioning in the cranial curve. The permeable material of the earpads enables your ears to relax. The mic is joined to one side earcup. It tends to be flipped down at whatever point you need to utilize it. P11 is fueled by its USB end.

The general link of this PS3 headset runs 12 feet. From the earcup to the inline control, it's around 3 feet. The control can be disengaged from the wire through its 3.5mm jack. This jack can connect to different gadgets like PS4, cell phones and so forth for use with them. The inline control has autonomous amusement and visit volume wheels. Moreover a quiet catch is additionally given. It additionally has a Bass lift choice to pump up the low-end frequencies.

P11 PS3 headset underpins mic checking which bolsters you back your voice and shields you from yelling.


The most encouraging thing about the Ear Force P11 headset is that it conveys 50mm drivers even at its low cost. These gigantic drivers can shoot some crunchy bass that will shake your gaming knowledge. There's a decent mass to the sound without muddying the mids and the highs. There's no mutilation in the sound even at high volumes. The sound is as immersive as opened up stereo sound gets. As a normal gamer, you wouldn't require more spatial signs that what P11 can offer.


Substantial, immersive sound

Has mic checking

Autonomous amusement and visit volume

Lightweight yet tough


Link from the headset to the inline control needs additional consideration

Turtle Beach – Ear Force PX22 Universal Amplified Gaming Headset – PS3, Xbox 360

The Turtle Beach PX22 PS3 headset is a little ponder holding up to be found. It has various helpful highlights at a really reasonable cost. This is a wired headset yet it can likewise be utilized effectively with other playback gadgets like cell phones. The sound is fresh and fiery. Indeed, even the Virtual Surround Sound does well here. With such a great amount of making it work, the PX22 is an easy decision for the best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Plan and Features

Turtle Beach aces the plan amusement with the PX22 PS3 headset. This is an exceptionally lightweight headset at 231g. This itself adds to comfort. The earcups are oval. The headband is wide and bolsters the earcups effectively. The headset keeps your ears all around ventilated. So you can keep them on for extended periods without your ears done to medium-uncommon. The earcups give extraordinary clamor disconnection and forestall sound spillage. The mic is connected to the privilege earcup through an adaptable blast. The blast turns all through the method for your mouth.

The link of this PS3 headset runs 14 feet long. This is a measured structure however. After the initial three feet, there's a 3.5mm earphone jack. This attachments into the inline control. It tends to be disengaged now to associate the jack to cell phones or different gadgets. After the inline control, the link stretches out 10 feet to interface with the comfort. The inline control has an entire slew of activities. Aside from free diversion and talk volume, you have the bass lift and treble lift. You likewise have quiet catch.

In particular, you have variable mic checking. With this you can control the level of your voice encouraged back to you. Since the utilization of mic observing may rely upon the circumstance, it's an incredible favorable position that it's variable. Else we would either yell or live with our own particular irritating voice whispered to us.


The splendid sound execution of Ear Force PX22 PS3 headset is the greatest takeaway here. A wide soundstage houses spot-on instrument position. While this is only pleasant in audiophile earphones, it's for all intents and purposes a need in gaming headsets. We could pinpoint the heading of even the littlest sound easily. The viable commotion separation gives you a chance to appreciate the solid bass in peace. The sound alone is instinctive with no fake stuns sent to the body. At full volumes, the bass does not mutilate.

You can kick up the bass or treble of this PS3 headset on the off chance that you need the additional kick. Another favorable position of the adjusted, common sound of PX22 is that its standard sound sounds extraordinary for music and motion pictures. The typical gaming headsets have bass swung up to a degree that other media sound unfortunate. Not PX22 however.

Aside from variable mic checking, this headset likewise bolsters Dynamic talk help. Talk volumes are helped consequently when the diversion sound gets boisterous. This gives you a chance to focus on the talk when crap is hitting the fan.


Variable mic observing

Dynamic visit support

Bass and Treble lift

Particular outline of the link

Spotless and profound sound

Magnificent clamor disconnection


Could be more solid

SteelSeries Siberia 840 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

SteelSeries Siberia 840 PS3 headset is an adaptable Bluetooth gadget. It can associate with an assortment of stages utilizing its remote transmitter and Bluetooth availability. We cherish how the two advancements are juggled. This is an excellent headset and it satisfies its cost as far as sound quality and manufacture quality. We were exceptionally energetic to demonstrate it to our best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Plan and Features

SteelSeries Siberia 840 PS3 is a lovely headset. It doesn't have any extravagant illustrations or anything. In any case, it has these strong bends and emphatic form which overflows style. The earcups are round and stacked with adaptable foam and hung in artificial leather. The headband has various cushioned pads to help it on the head serenely. The mic extends out of the privilege earcup through a metal blast. It has a LED toward the end which gleams to demonstrate quiet status. The controls are put on the headset for simple access.

This PS3 headset is upheld by control from Lithium particle batteries. In a splendid move the 840 boats with 2 batteries. In the event that one runs out, you can rapidly swap it out for a charged one. The batteries are charged inside the transmitter adornment. Battery endures through 20 hours for each charge. The optical wire from the transmitter associates with the PS3. With PC you need to associate the USB link. The transmitter likewise has an OLED show which enables you to outwardly screen all sound, remote, arrangement and framework settings.


When you drop heaps of cash on the Siberia 840 PS3 headset, realize that you are paying for premium sound. The sound quality is astonishing. Much the same as the plan, the bass is intense, the mids are clear and the highs are shimmering. Furthermore, even with that sort of low-end push, the sound is adjusted all through. This is likewise helped by the stellar gathering up to 30-40 feet. There's no drop or debilitating of the association. There's no static or popping.

With the optical information you can draw in 7.1 or 5.1 Dolby Surround sound. The sound opens up pleasantly in the 180° field before you. Yet, similar to we stated, genuine Surround Sound isn't conceivable with headsets of this size. You require speakers.


Ultra-clear stable with debauched bass

Remote and Bluetooth-empowered

Transmitter has OLED show

20-hour battery life

Save battery is provided



Turtle Beach – Ear Force DP11 Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Ear Force DP11 PS3 headset is a wired reasonable contraption. Its sound execution has hit the sweet spot with numerous a gamer. Albeit plasticky, it has the unmistakable preferred standpoint of being lightweight. Its Surround point choices, bass and treble lift highlights, prepared to-go PC and PS3 association pack, all procure it a place in the best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Outline and Features

The Ear Force DP11 PS3 headset is a cool-looking extra done in dark and red. The earcups are oval and mounted with rich, ventilated cushioning. The headband is just reasonably wide with padding along the curve. It has a long turning, adaptable mic blast with the mic mounted at its end.

Computerized Optical Connection is the most ideal approach to interface this PS3 headset to PS3. All wires to interface with PS3, PC and Mac are delivered with the container. A small scale sound enhancer(DSS2) is a piece of the crate. It conveys the speaker point situating, Surround sound, ace volume, Equalizer and power switch. It has autonomous controls for diversion and talk volumes. The headset is furnished with mic checking which encourages you keep your voice level while the diversion gets uproarious. A bass lift choice causes you liven up the lower frequencies and make sound thunder your head.


The sound execution of Ear Force DP11 PS3 headset is the thing that at last anchored it a place. The sizzling play of bass and the improved spatial signals inspired us at the cost. We could recognize the adversary directionally and make fruitful pre-emptive strikes. Strides and different sounds are enhanced with the goal that you can hear exceptionally critical sound plainly. The DSS2 adornment spends significant time in featuring the pertinent commotions.

The decision of speaker edges encourages you select the apparent edge from which the sound is played for you.


Amazing sound for cost

DSS2 extra enhances little commotions

Select speaker point

Mic observing



Delicate plasticky feel

GW SADES SA928 Pro Surround Sound Stereo Wired PC Laptop Gaming Headset

The Sades Pro SA928 Pro headset is a standout amongst the most agreeable headsets we have gone over till now. The suspended headband is a shrewd expansion which soothes any weight on the standard emphasize focuses. The sound is to a great extent stereo disregarding the deceptive cases of the item page. In any case, the sound has the intensity of bass behind it. We hustled it straight to the best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Outline and Features

The SA 928 PS3 headset from Sades is intended to be exceedingly stun confirmation. The headband is a self-altering suspension outline with a malleable band and 2 links. The band grows to accommodate your head and is constrained by the links. You can turn the headband all over and it will take it in a walk. The earcups are round and mounted with delicate pads. A withdrawing mic ventures from the privilege earcup. There's a LED at the tip of the blast which shows quiet status.

This PS3 headset is set up with twofold fortification in the zones of link joints. The elastic covered links are tangle-safe. It has a USB jack toward the end which causes you associate with most gadgets effortlessly.


The feature of the Sades Pro SA928 PS3 headset is the bass. The stereo sound is loaded with the intensity of bass. In the event that you are a basshead who needs the full sonic effect of the impacts in the amusement, this won't frustrate you. Of uncommon specify is the mic quality on this headset. There were overwhelmingly positive surveys from clients about how well the mic gets your voice and transfers it to the companions. The correspondence remains perfectly clear.


Suspension-type headband is less demanding on head


Uncommon mic quality

Quiet marker at the mic tip


Costly for the esteem

Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Haters going to despise. In any case, there's no preventing the benefits from claiming the PlayStation Gold remote PS3 headset. Possibly its platitude to get a PlayStation headset for PlayStation, however the Gold has numerous advantages. It is a standout amongst the most adaptable remote headsets that work with different stages pretty effectively. Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound with clearness and bass are difficult to pack at this cost. So don't imagine it any other way when we say that PlayStation Gold blasts enormous for the bucks. We additionally have a rundown of the best headsets for Xbox 360.

Outline and Features

PlayStation Gold PS3 headset is done in basic hues with intense bends. The development is all plastic and smooth. So we propose you utilize them deliberately, they can possibly snap. The wide headband keeps running from ear-to-ear and has two earcups mounted on it. The earpads are round and cushy. They are sheathed in artificial calfskin. In particular, the arms of the headband overlap and decreased the headset into a compact bundle. The earcups have normal clamor separation so we wouldn't utilize them in an uproarious situation. They additionally release sound past direct volume.

The mouthpiece of this PS3 headset is incorporated with the set so there's no irritating blast extending out of it. It associates with PS3 by means of a USB dongle. It's a fitting and-play sort of a setup. The USB dongle is additionally perceived by PC and Mac. The Gold has a 3.5mm port which enables it to be associated with PS4 by means of a 3.5mm male-male link. All the fundamental catches are arranged on the earcups. The battery midpoints 7 long stretches of life per charge. A USB link is accommodated charging it.

The Gold headset additionally uses the Headset Companion App which enables you to download custom sound profiles including Destiny, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted 4: A Thief's end and so on.. Another particular element is the swappable faceplate behind each earcup. You can alter the headset yet the custom faceplates will cost additional.


The sound execution of PlayStation Gold PS3 headset is average at the cost. It won't be outstanding, particularly not at this cost. Be that as it may, it doesn't sound rough or twisted. In standard mode, the sound is offset with no accentuation on bass. It sounds smooth, however very little nitty gritty or finished. Drawing in the 7.1 Surround Sound adds more layers to the sound. It's invigorating to see that the 7.1 setup really has any kind of effect to the sound.

The mic gathering is good. The people on the opposite end can hear your voice plainly.


Remote with USB dongle

Foldable arms

1 Surround Sound has any kind of effect

Works with PC, Mac and PS4


Delicate, should be kept up


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