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Checkout Fitbit Alta HR review

Up until now, the main new wellness tracker this year from Fitbit is a refreshed adaptation of its much adored Alta. This makes 2017 a moderately calm year by all accounts. Maybe the San Francisco furnish is putting a large portion of its attention on building the organization's first smartwatch, supposed for discharge in the Autumn.
Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-slim heart rate tracker

With the Alta HR, Fitbit has slapped a persistent pulse sensor to one of Fitbit's slimmest and most a la mode wellness trackers. This makes it what the organization calls the "world's slimmest" wrist-worn tracker with a ceaseless pulse sensor.

Here is all that you have to know.


Highlights and programming


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The Alta HR looks precisely like a year ago's Alta. All things considered, why settle something that is not broken. Only 15mm in width, its thin, snappy and lightweight. This is clearly part of Fitbit's push to make items that vibe less like PCs and more like plan adornments.

audit fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker 2 - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker

The contraption sports a tactful, somewhat bended, contact screen, OLED show with a 128 x 36 pixel goals. It'll naturally turn on or off in light of your wrist developments. Like most organizations, Fitbit does this to spare battery. The screen demonstrates your action details and the time, and can be customized utilizing an assortment of picture or scene clock confront alternatives.

You won't discover any catches on the Alta HR. You awaken the gadget by lifting your wrist or by immovably tapping on the focal point of the show. Additionally taps explore through the screens.

Wearing such a thin outline, be that as it may, has its detriments. One of these is the show estimate. While the tracker is really appropriate for rapidly looking down at your details, now and again you will think that its hard to peruse. Especially when you are outside on a splendid day.

The screen can likewise be somewhat lethargic, and on occasion I ended up over and over tapping before it would spring to life. Which can get irritating.

Flip the gadget over, and you'll see a modest Pure pulse sensor. With this new tracker, Fitbit has demonstrated that it is conceivable to convey its Pure Pulse innovation to a gadget this little. Its done this noteworthy accomplishment by building up a stand-out chip that diminished the size and number of parts required. Different sensors are the same as in a year ago's Alta.

survey fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker 7 - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker

Fitbit's new tracker includes a silk complete, hardened steel body, and a line of exchangeable groups so you can locate the one to accommodate your own style. You just pop the groups on and off. The lash is somewhat finished and accompanies another fasten to guarantee a more cozy fit. Fitbit has moved far from the basic catch and settled on the clasp toward the end.

The groups arrive in a pack of hues including dark, blue-dim, fuchsia or coral. There are likewise a couple of exceptional release adaptations. Like most other Fitbit trackers, you have a decision amongst little and vast tie sizes.

Alta HR isn't waterproof, so lets seek Fitbit is sparing that after the following rendition. Like most other Fitbit's gadgets, its evaluated just "sweat, rain and sprinkle verification". This implies while you might be alright to go running in the rain, don't anticipate running swimming with it.

Or maybe amazingly, notwithstanding the expansion of pulse checking, Alta HR can prop up for up to seven days before requiring a best up. Charging is done by means of an exclusive USB link.

audit fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker 3 - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker

Regardless of being advertised as unisex, the Alta HR is likely inclining more towards the female wellness devotee. With its moderate look, you could without much of a stretch wear it close by an arm ornament or even a watch. I found that its agreeable to wear day in and day out and doesn't act as a burden much. Indeed, its so thin and lightweight, you'll barely see its there.

Highlights and programming

Much the same as the first, the Alta HR can track steps, separation, calories and rest. It additionally shows warnings for approaching calls, instant messages and date-book alarms. The ancestor gadget was, in any case, passing up two or three highlights, one of which is ending up genuinely standard nowadays – pulse following.

In any case, while the new gadget it is all the more completely highlighted, the tracker does not have a few highlights you will discover on the Charge 2. This incorporates VO2 Max, exercise modes, Guided Breathing and Connected GPS. It additionally does not have an altimeter for checking floors.

audit fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker 4 - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker

By and by, the Alta HR is appropriate for following your action. Since there are no physical catches, you should depend on Fitbit's SmartTrack innovation to naturally get on your activity. Fortunately, it does this well. Exercises are recorded when you've been dynamic for no less than 15 minutes, however that time can be physically balanced by your inclination. In the event that it misses or wrongly order an exercise, you can settle this in the Fitbit application.

Fundamental perusing: Heart rate zone preparing with wearables

survey fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker 8 - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker

Exercises that can be perceived incorporate circular, outside biking, running, strolling, and general classifications of oxygen consuming exercises, (for example, Zumba, cardio-kickboxing and other move classes) and games, (for example, tennis, ball and soccer). You can likewise alter settings to bar certain exercises from being perceived.

The Alta HR additionally completes a great job getting you off the couch. Once consistently, the band hums to get 250 stages out of you. You can tweak the recurrence of your updates, or change the benchmarks.

survey fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker 10 - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker

Amid work out, the tracker shows your ongoing target pulse zone, so you can streamline your sessions for fat consuming, a wellness lift, or execution benefits. You can check your present pulse whenever by lifting your wrist.

Following at five-second interims day in and day out (except if you are practicing when it increase to one-moment interims), Fitbit's upscale new tracker will likewise get on your resting pulse. The resting pulse is the manner by which quick your heart thumps outside of any physical movement, when everything that is in you needs to do is keep your essential body capacities running. Outside of a particular infirmity, a lower resting pulse connects nearly to a condition of more noteworthy general wellness and wellbeing.

The expansion of pulse observing ought to likewise result in a marginally more exact aggregate for your day by day calorie consume.

Alta HR consequently synchronizes with your cell phone for the duration of the day, or you can start manual matches up without anyone else. Likewise with all the Fitbits, you can screen your details on your wrist, and for more definite data on the portable application or web interface.

audit fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker 5 - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker
More far reaching rest highlights are another huge expansion. On account of the pulse sensor these get significantly more valuable.

You don't need to tell the gadget that you're anticipating napping, and rest mode will kick in from your developments. Which implies, you should simply remember to wear your tracker to bed. The Alta HR's thin and light plan makes it simple to lay down with. When you wake up, synchronize your tracker to see the previous evening's rest details on the dashboard.

Basic perusing: Fitbit's new rest following component clarified

Fitbit has as of late presented new rest highlights. 'Rest Stages' uses accelerometer and pulse information to all the more precisely evaluate to what extent you spend in Light, Deep, and REM rest organizes every night. The qualities are ascertained by joining accelerometer information, pulse changeability (the time amongst beats), and Fitbit's exclusive calculations.

audit fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker 11 - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker

The other new rest include gives you counsel on approaches to enhance your kip time. Fitbit is utilizing all your movement and eating routine measurements to find patterns and after that dish up customized direction on the most proficient method to enhance rest. The more you wear your tracker to bed, the more customized bits of knowledge you may get.

survey fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker 6 - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker

Also, lets not overlook the essential smartwatch highlights. The Alta HR, similar to its ancestor, shows notices for calls, messages and logbook warnings. Warnings are restricted to only a couple of applications, and messages are abbreviated (you can change their length in the settings).

The little screen land, in any case, makes this of constrained utilize. Much of the time you'll end up going after your cell phone to peruse them. The call notices are most likely more helpful.



At its center, the Alta HR is a genuinely unexciting gadget from Fitbit. There is no historic new innovation on board, and Fitbit is taking what it does well, and improving it. The tracker will give you the basics, however don't expect groundbreaking data about your wellbeing.

Generally the gadget does precisely what it guarantees. It will dependably and precisely track steps taken, rest quality, your pulse, and essential exercises. It additionally has of the most easy to understand application biological communities out there.

Alta HR is presumably the most attractive wellness tracker Fitbit has discharged up until this point. This ought to be a major dealer, especially with ladies, the high-design swarm and those hoping to get into wellness following.

audit fitbit alta hr the ultra thin pulse tracker - Review: Fitbit Alta HR, the ultra-thin pulse tracker

Fitbit Alta HR

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As a matter of fact, Fitbit has forgotten a couple of highlights. Alta HR won't track what number of floors you climb, it doesn't have Connected GPS, Guided Breathing, Cardio Fitness Level (VO2 Max) and you can't begin and stop practices physically. The majority of this you can discover on the Charge 2, which is valued the same and remains our Editor's Choice. In the event that you can live without these, the smooth looking Alta HR is a strong decision.

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