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This Garmin Vivosport Watch will Surprise You

Garmin Vivosport review hear
In the past we would have been superbly content with a wellness band that tallied steps, ascertained calories consumed, and vibrated to get us up every morning except in these information driven days, we're all soliciting substantially more from our wellness innovation. We need GPS, shrewd warnings, heart rate checking, and cardio and weight preparing following, and we need everything in something little. All things considered, Garmin's new Vivosport conveys on the greater part of the above — and that is precisely why we left so awed.

Highlights and plan

All things considered, the Garmin Vivosport is a work of art, moderate wellness band that looks particularly like what it is — the posterity of Garmin's unique Vivofit and Vivosport groups. The Vivosport highlights a two-tone silicone tie with a watch-style clasp conclusion and locking circle. It comes in three hues: slate, dark/fuchsia, and dark/spotlight and two sizes, little/medium and expansive. Its vertical 9.7 by 19-millimeter LCD shading touchscreen has a determination of 72 x 166 and there are no catches … anyplace. All association with the Vivosport is done through the touchscreen and Garmin's free Connect versatile cell phone application.

Within, the Vivosport packs GPS, barometric altimeter, a raise optical heart rate screen, an accelerometer, and Bluetooth and some ANT+ availability. This enables Vivosport to track essential evaluated life measurements like advances, calories consumed, floors climbed, separate voyaged, in addition to rest time and quality. It records cardio and quality preparing inside including consequently tallying sets, reps, and the checking of heart rate.

Try not to be tricked by the little bundle — Garmin's Vivosport is a full-highlighted GPS smartwatch tucked into a wellness band.

With worked in GPS, the Vivosport logs exercises like strolling, running, and cycling measurements, for example, speed, separation, rise, and full mapping notwithstanding when not associated with a cell phone. On account of ANT+ it communicates heart rate information to other associated gadgets (like a Garmin Edge cycling PC), be that as it may, Vivosport can't interface with different sensors for cycling rhythm and control, or to heart rate chest ties. At the point when associated by Bluetooth to a perfect cell phone, the Vivosport conveys full brilliant notices, controls music on the telephone, and finds a lost telephone by influencing it to toll. Notwithstanding demonstrating the time day and date in either representation or scene introduction, the Vivosport has a stopwatch and commencement clock.

The craziest thing is that Garmin could crush this tech into a band that weighs just 27 grams and is water impervious to 5 ATMs. The Vivosport may closely resemble a basic wellness band however its installed tech puts it on a standard with numerous bigger, more costly smartwatches.

Execution and utilize

While past Garmin wellness groups could be utilized straightforwardly out of the crate by matching with Garmin's Connect portable application through Bluetooth, the Vivosport requires a USB control string association just to turn it on out of the blue (there is no real way to turn it off). Once fueled up, we combined it with our cell phone by means of the Garmin Connect portable application. The application strolled us through each progression, including a training session of all the touchscreen taps and swipes we'd have to perform to get at the Vivosport's profound capacity set. Garmin's Connect portable application enhanced such a great amount in the course of recent years that even beginners will think that its easy to get it up and running.

Garmin Vivosport audit side

Lee Crane/Digital Trends

The previous summer we wore Garmin's untouchable Fenix 5X GPS multisport look as our ordinary timepiece (and adored each moment of it). In this way, we were concerned the small Vivosport would abandon us feeling lost without all the huge watch's usefulness. What the Vivosport instructed us is that we once in a while utilized huge numbers of the Fenix 5X's capacities and the ones we utilized most (like walk, run, and cycling GPS following, savvy notices, and vibration cautions) were altogether incorporated into the little Vivosport. It was additionally an alleviation to return to a band that didn't feel like we had a stone tied to our wrist 24 hours per day.

Simple to explore menu and following framework

The Vivosport's basic notable menu framework is very much composed yet it required some investment before we felt absolutely at home. With all the tapping and swiping it took to get around it, we every so often felt like we were sending messages in Morse code as opposed to preparing for an exercise. Starting an action required a long push on the touchscreen until the point when the movement symbol showed up, at that point a swipe to one side and a swipe up or down would choose one of the included exercises (strolling, running, cycling, cardio, weight preparing, or other).

Once the action was chosen, the Vivofit requesting that we pause while it found the GPS satellites. The hold up was for the most part under a moment which wasn't precisely smart, however useful. At the point when the GPS was on bolt, it took a twofold tap on the screen to begin the movement. Amid the movement, the Vivosport shows two measurements at any given moment and the information screens can be swiped to get to two more measurements. On the off chance that the stock settings aren't right, they would all be able to be tweaked in the Garmin Connect versatile application. Toward the finish of a movement, two snappy taps on the screen stops the chronicle and the Vivofit inquire as to whether the action ought to be spared. A basic tap on yes and another tap to spare and the action spares and transfers to Garmin Connect versatile and the Garmin Connect site amid its next match up.

For indoor exercises, the bore was much the same. In weight preparing mode, the Vivosport tallies sets and reps. At the point when a set is done, a tap on the screen's correct bolt begins a rest clock and (obviously) it took a tap again to begin set two. The counter followed the vast majority of the sets we tossed at it, working for most weight lifting movements, and tallied sit-ups, push-ups, and other oxygen consuming reps. On the off chance that the count was somewhat off toward the finish of a set (which we observed it to be once in a while), we could physically alter the quantity of reps amid a rest — monitoring exercise center exercises has never been less demanding.

The best backdrop illumination in Garmin's lineup

For regular wear, the Vivosport worked superbly and turned into our most loved wellness band up until now. The vibration cautions — which can be acclimated to three distinct settings (low, medium, and high) — worked pleasantly for keen notices and the little screen was shockingly discernable for its size, even in terrible lighting conditions. Oblivious, the programmed backdrop illumination worked fine more often than not, however when it didn't, a straightforward tap would expedite it.

The backdrop illumination is one of the brightest we've seen on any Garmin watch or band. We were every so often astounded when the backdrop illumination came impacting on like a searchlight — not an issue in case you're home alone but rather could be somewhat of a diversion in film theaters, plays, or other dull spots. The backdrop illumination likewise remains on amid charging, so we needed to cover the Vivofit with a shirt when we charged it during the evening to shield it from illuminating the room. Fortunately, the shine can be acclimated to seven levels and the timeout can be balanced in three unique lengths.

Despite everything it has a couple of minor hiccups

In our month with the Vivosport, we were just irritated by one thing — the delicate touchscreen. Capacities would regularly be activated when we were tucking in our shirt or putting a submit a pocket, however where the Vivosport's touchscreen truly went wild was in the water. Be it sprinkled or submerged, the Vivosport would blast into a whirlwind of uncontrolled action each time we got it close water.

Amid one shower, without knowing it, we gave ourselves a pressure test, checked our heart rate, and began a run all without contacting the Vivosport. At that point on escaping the shower, we needed to stop the movement and erase it so it wouldn't consequently transfer our shower rushed to Garmin Connect and shoot it out to devotees of our associated Strava account. We thought we'd fathom this by turning on the Vivosport's touchscreen bolt.

With the bolt turned on, touchscreen usefulness is killed until the point that the show is tapped twice. After the taps, it works of course. Issue is, the point at which we went to check the time around evening time it requires a triple tap — twice to open, and once to clear away the menu that instructs us to "twofold tap." Also, when a warning landed during the evening, one tap demonstrated the notice without turning the backdrop illumination on. At that point when we tapped it enough to get the backdrop illumination on, the message was no more. In the long run, we turned to running the Vivosport with the touchscreen bolt off and essentially expelled it before we got in the shower.

Battery life

Garmin says the battery goes on for eight hours in GPS mode and up to seven days in watch mode. As a general rule, it winds up more like this: by utilizing the GPS every day for maybe a couple hours it should be charged each other day. At the point when the GPS isn't utilized as a part of any way, the watch appeared to remain truly very much energized for to five days before we expected to connect it to. In any case, on the grounds that the battery is so little, it didn't take long to charge.


Try not to be tricked by the little bundle. Garmin's Vivosport is a full-included GPS smartwatch tucked into a wellness band. It's light, alluring, smart and highlights everything most anybody requirements for following all around wellness measurements. Without a doubt, there are wellness watches that offer more particular wellness following and making arrangements for committed sprinters, cyclists, and globe-trotters, yet when it comes down to the essentials, we trust this is Garmin's best wellness band ever.

Is there a superior option?

The Vivosport is somewhat of a wellness following portal sedate. It does everything the normal individual needs to track work out, oversee wellness, and stay aware of notices on their cell phone. The individuals who need to take their wellness following to the following level, in any case, will require a watch that can associate with more sensors. Sprinters who like the accuracy and dependability of a heart rate chest tie, or foot case information may be better off with a Garmin Forerunner. Cyclists who need to track rhythm and power measurements would almost certainly favor a Garmin Fenix 5. We approach both the Forerunner and the Fenix, regardless we delighted in the Vivosport as an everyday watch as a result of its strong GPS include set and how light and agreeable it was to wear.

To what extent will it last?

The Vivosport is in no risk of getting to be out of date at any point in the near future. Garmin is always overhauling their gadget programming and with every one of the sensors incorporated with the Vivosport, we wouldn't be astonished if Garmin redesigns a portion of the highlights in future programming refreshes that make it significantly even more a stealth smartwatch.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Indeed. The Vivosport is the best wellness band that we've tried. We trust it's similarly as significant for those beginning with wellness following as it is for competitors who need something littler that they can wear each day. At $200 we can't consider any individual who might be frustrated with the highlights, usefulness, and type of the Vivosport.


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