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Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes Edition laptop review

Snappy! What's the primary Ultrabook that rings a bell? In the event that you have even an obscure enthusiasm for PCs, your first decisions will incorporate the Apple MacBook and Dell XPS 13 quite possibly, the HP Specter 13. In any case, did you realize that Lenovo makes a Ultrabook that is similarly in the same class as, if not superior to, most Ultrabooks in the market?

Construct and Design

A decent Ultrabook resembles a lead cell phone. It's intended to be smooth, attractive and shocking. It's a gadget that you'd need to convey with you all over the place, a gadget you'd be glad to parade and in addition take a shot at each and every day.

The Vibes is the ideal case of such a gadget.

That stunning glass cover has been outlined by an Italian plan studio. Picture: tech2/Anirudh RegidiThat stunning glass cover has been planned by an Italian outline studio. Picture: tech2/Anirudh Regidi

It is smooth, provocative and shocking and it is one that you'd need to display. It's likewise as fantastically light as it is intense, and perfectly planned. Being a Yoga, it's a convertible gadget, including a 360-degree pivot.

The workstation is a relatively idealize rectangle of glass and metal. The watchband pivot and the custom glass cover include some extra pizazz. Do take note of that the standard Yoga 920 won't accompany a custom glass cover.

That glass cover is the thing that isolates the 920 Vibes version from different Yogas. It's composed by an Italian outline studio whose name we Indians would just butcher (Istituto Europeo di Design) and is intended to speak to the possibility of "Vibes of Elegance." Whatever the story, it's a beautiful cover, and is one that will knock some people's socks off.

I extremely like how symmetrical the outline of the 920 is. Where most PCs tend to decrease towards the front, the 920 is consistently thick. In any case, the general thickness of the gadget is low, however Lenovo has still figured out how to oblige a customary USB-A port and two USB-C ports (appraised for Thunderbolt 3).

To get directly to the point, I've never by and by been a devotee of the Yoga arrangement's watchband pivot, however I can value the building behind the outline, and individuals do like it.

Bezels are little, obviously, so the 14-inch Yoga has an indistinguishable impression from a 13-inch gadget.

Console, Trackpad and Touch

The console is extraordinary to utilize and extremely responsive. It's not soft like consistent workstation consoles. The trackpad was additionally incredible to utilize and Windows signals worked perfectly.

The touchscreen was additionally extremely responsive and underpins stylus input.

Actually, Lenovo groups a stylus with the gadget. This stylus is, I think, the one genuine blemish in the Yoga 920 however. The stylus itself is extraordinary. It has 4,096 levels of affectability and is a joy to use on the Yoga's lovely screen, yet that is not the issue. What I didn't care for is the mounting component for the stylus.

On a X1 Yoga, the stylus is settled inside the workstation, drawing power from the PC for charging itself. On a Surface Pro 5, the stylus is attractively clasped to the body. On different gadgets, the workstation body may include a snare or circle or some other such frill. On the Yoga 920, you get what resembles a 3D-printed plastic mount that you connect to the solitary USB-A port, which you at that point press the stylus into.

It's an ungainly plan that is inconsistent with something as exquisite as the 920.


It's a costly Ultrabook. You expect the best, and that is precisely what you get.

The port determination is constrained, however it's all that could possibly be needed for everybody. Driving the gadget is an Intel Core-i7 8550U central processing unit, 16 GB of DDR4 random access memory and a 512 GB PCIe SSD. The greater part of this is pressed into a gadget with a 13.9" UHD IPS show measuring a unimportant 1.3 kg.

For availability, you get an extremely sensible port blend that incorporates a customary USB 3.0 port close by two USB-C ports that help Thunderbolt 3, USB Power Delivery and Wi-Fi AC, DisplayPort and Bluetooth 4.1 is bolstered.

The speakers are made by JBL and there's a unique mark peruser that backings Windows Hello.


With a 13.9-inch UHD IPS board that has no bezels, the Yoga 920 is splendidly convenient. The bezel-less 14-inch screen hits that sweet spot between land and compactness that makes the gadgets a delight to utilize. I observe 13-inch screens to be too little and 15.6-inch gadgets to be too huge to be effortlessly convenient.

The Yoga 920 brags of a ravishing touchscreen.

Being an UHD screen, pictures on the show look sharp and clear. The show is additionally brilliant and hues appear to be exact. Motion pictures, particularly 4K ones, look astounding.


Given that the Yoga is running an eighth gen Intel chip, it's bursting quick in each benchmark. Truth be told, the Yoga 920 recorded the quickest video change time of on a Ultrabook to date, which says a lot about the execution of the gadget.

I might want to bring up, be that as it may, that the 920 has an inclination for getting warm under load, even awkwardly warm now and again. I assume this is a side-effect of the slimness of the outline, and all that metal.

Given that the 920 packs in a PCIe-based SSD, read/compose speeds were fabulous, crossing the 3 TB/s check now and again.

Sound from the included JBL speakers was incredible. It was uproarious and clear and sufficient for a marginally loud room.

Going simply by the numbers, the Dell XPS 13 (2018) takes a critical lead, and a considerable measure of this needs to do with the keen designing that Dell has put into the gadget. In genuine utilize, be that as it may, the distinction is irrelevant.

Battery Life

On a normal work day, the gadget figured out how to check in around 5-6 hrs of utilization before coming up short on charge. My utilization is somewhat overwhelming, inolving a few dozen Chrome tabs, some gentle photoshop work and a lot of Word, also a few email records and informing applications on match up.

On lighter days, similar to ends of the week, I found that the battery could without much of a stretch last around 8-9 hours of utilization while gorging on Netflix and doing some light work.

Decision and Price in India

The Lenovo Yoga 920 is a surprising jewel from Lenovo, a stunning gadget that I'd be glad to bear with me wherever I go. It's a gadget I didn't know I needed.

What I like most about the gadget is its frame factor. The 14-inch screen hits that sweet spot amongst convenience and conveyability. I don't need to squint at the screen and the non-existent bezels imply that I can toss it into a portion of the littlest of packs.

The gadget completes have a tendency to get hot under load, however in the event that you're in the market for a Ultrabook, I can suggest none better.

On the off chance that you do need a littler gadget, the 12-inch MacBook and Dell XPS 13 produced in 2018 are incredible alternatives. In the event that you need something bigger, you should need to consider the bigger Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon produced in 2018.


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