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President Buhari Must Not Die - Bishop Adeoye

A Pentecostal Bishop, Rt. Rev. Seun Adeoye, has asked Nigerians to pray for the fast recuperation of President Muhammadu Buhari, saying his prosperity is so essential to the country's concurrence and strength.

Minister Adeoye cautioned that in the event that anything ought to happen to President Buhari, such would be a troublesome weight for the country to hold up under as Nigeria will fall into wrong hands that are prepared effectively transform it into their private domains.

The minister, who talked amid the first Episcopal Honors and Gallantry Awards held at the end of the week at Sufficient Grace and Truth Ministry, Rehoboth Arena, Okinni, Osun State, noticed that no one but God can support the President's wellbeing.

He stated: "I see inconvenience should anything turn out badly with President Buhari. Along these lines, we have to appeal to God for his fast recuperation from this infirmity. Buhari must not die; Buhari should live and that ought to be our petitions.

"On the off chance that Buhari is not the president, we will be confronted with more lies and promulgation where we will be made to call dark white. Lead of law will swing to be run of dread and majority rule government will be supplanted by despotism, favoritism and god-fatherism.

"We can't enable Nigeria to be in the hand of any of the present pioneers. None of them can be the skipper of this ship; they will run it ashore with their pomposity and childish plan. They will victimize, strip us Unclad and place us in unending subjugation as slaves. Along these lines, I urge every one of us to petition God for the President Buhari to get well rapidly."

On the individuals who were respected, Bishop Adeoye unveiled that they were shortlisted from more than 100 candidates and were screened by the congregation's Council of Clergy in light of their bravery, administration to mankind and God and their different commitments to the general public.

Those on the effective rundown were the Commissioner of Police, Kwara State, Olusola Amore; his partner from Osun, Fimihan Adeoye; Prof. Ayo Fatubarin; Pastor and Prof. (Mrs) Olusegun Akinwusi; Dr. Kayode Oduoye; Barrister Kanmi Ajibola; Femi Adefila; Dr. what's more, Mrs. Niyi Oginni; and Deacon and Deaconess Moses Ajayi.

Talking for the benefit of the awardees, Akinwusi, a previous Head of Service in Osun State, asked Nigerians to ask intensely for the country and not to keep quiet or look the other way when things are going the wrong in the nation.


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