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Money: The Root of Evil and The Product of 666

Billionaires are springing up all over the place and individuals are getting poorer and more in need as a result. The scales are tipped to ensure that the rich get wealthier while the opposite happens for the greater part. The blame is the result of individuals' ravenousness and the absence of information about the person who is the creator of the system. He is known as Constantine the Great, Emperor of Rome, and the person who established the Catholic Church in the year 325.

The facts have been covered up and covered underneath a massive mass of confusion and lies while the Vatican sits on the information. Inside its archives are records depicting precisely how the religion came to be and the part of the sovereign in the formation of Christianity.

My research is the result of a strong connection to the Spirit of the Universe, the main genuine God, and the research it has driven me to lead. This took after my resurrection and the information carried with me that there is no paradise or hellfire while they are the weapons of energy actualized by religious organizations.

Constantine was a descendant of the Amor whose first Capital was Babylon. They made the Persian Empire and their history is brimming with bloodshed, slavery, invasion, and crimes so terrible that significantly Hitler would have drawn back at them. They were Islamic and they took the religion and their gods into the world through their relocation, mastery, and fierceness, which included murder for the non-believers.

Their central god is Mary, the name of the sun in Babylon. After their invasion of Italy, they constructed Roma (reverse Amor) and made ready for the establishment of the Catholic Church.

They proceeded with their invasions, ruthlessness, and domain building and slavery. Constantine's new religion was reused from the first Islamic beliefs of Babylon and he concocted Jesus Christ. This so-called Savior is displayed on Krishna, the third person of the Vedic Trinity.

In Revelation 13:12-18 his deeds are nitty gritty alongside the claim that he controls the financial system. What is not understood is that he manufactured the first Christian churches, alongside the Vatican and that it was the last that selected Augustine Bea to establish another branch religion for its own believability.

Bea used a man named Mohammed to shape the Muslim part and kings and different leaders were constrained by the Vatican to recognize him as a prophet. In the interim Jerome was designated to create the New Testament and acquire the recipe by which the Catholic Church was "doctored" into its present part.

All religion is fake and the monetary system is the work of this shrewd Roman Emperor whose ravenousness for power and control knew no bounds. While the world struggles to survive as nature gives approach to riches and species are headed to elimination those who see cash as a solution to their problems need to take a gander at how the sustaining of life on this planet is quickly reaching an end.


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