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20 ways of improving family court of law

Drama as Dead Man Grabbed His Living Brother's Hand in Mortuary.

There was frenzy today at the mortuary home of Plateau Specialist Hospital in Jos, when the hand of the cadaver of a man being set up for entombment all of a sudden snatched his living brother's hand.

The episode occurred as the expired, recognized as Choji Zeng, was being spruced up by his brother, in arrangement for burial.

Relatives, who had taken an interest in the washing of the body, ran out in frenzy as they saw the dead Choji Zeng, holding tight to his more younger brother Mr. Gyang Zeng.

The commotion pulled in morgue attendant, who came in to separate the two brothers.

The two brothers had lived together at Ungwan Juma'a Abattoir in Jos city. Zeng, 35 years of age, kicked the bucket after a short sickness, relations said. He was said to have experienced a liver ailment.

Gyang Zeng affirmed the surprising episode to the News Agency of Nigeria . He said after bathing his brother, he was dressing him with white fabric, when his cadaver snatched his hands.

He said he needed to call the morgue attendants for assistance. The funeral home specialist forced the dead hands off him.

Relations and neighbors who saw the episode, additionally affirmed it to The News Agency of Nigeria .

Gyang additionally uncovered to NAN that when the expired held his hands, he asked him; "Choji why did you hold my hand, you need me to go along with you for sure".

One of the morgue attendants said that it was not the first time through a wonder of such will occur in the funeral home.

Mr. Benjamin Oche, a neighbor of the two brothers who likewise saw the occurrence disclosed to NAN that before the demise of the dead, both brothers had a misconception.

He said them two had fought about the land they acquired from their parents.
But nevertheless, no unfairness was being suspected in Choji Zeng's demise.


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20 ways of improving family court of law

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